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Keystone Cosmetic Surgery CenterAnother study by V.R. Chistyakova (2008) with the participation of 123 children with various neurological lesions of the ENT organs showed the possibility of using Milgamma as monotherapy for paresis of the soft palate of various etiologies, subjective tinnitus, hyperacusis, phonophobia and hypokinetic dysphonia in adolescents with severe symptoms of juvenile vegetovascular dystonia.

cosmetic or reconstructive surgeryHigh therapeuticThe high efficacy of the drug, good tolerance and ease of use allow, according to buy ascorbic acid, to evaluate this drug as the most promising in the treatment of neurological lesions of the upper respiratory tract in children. Thus, both the results of experimental work and the data of clinical studies suggest that Milgamma and Milgamma compositum occupy a prominent place in clinical practice (including pediatric practice) both in the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy and in patients with neuropathies of other origins.

ascorbic acid cheapDamage to the PNS are among the main complications of diabetes mellitus, along with damage to the eyes and kidneys. It occurs in both insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Various variants of diabetic neuropathy are detected clinically in 15% of patients with diabetes mellitus, electrophysiologically - in at least half of the patients. At the same time, in 8% of patients, signs of polyneuropathy are detected already at the time of diagnosis, and with an increase in the duration of the disease and the age of the patient, the likelihood of PNS damage increases. If the duration of diabetes exceeds 20 years, clinical signs of neuropathy are detected in more than half of patients. In some cases, neuropathy precedes the onset of signs of diabetes.

The pathogenesis of diabetic neuropathies remains unclear. Damage to the PNS in diabetes mellitus is associated with microangiopathy, which causes ischemic nerve damage and is the main cause of acutely developing asymmetric neuropathies, and/or with metabolic disorders in neurons and lemmocytes, characterized by the accumulation of sorbitol or myoinositol deficiency as a result of activation of the polyol glucose utilization pathway. This is of particular importance in the development of symmetrical slowly growing polyneuropathies.

  • It is possible that genetic factors also play a certain role in the genesis of ascorbic acid, the significance of which in the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus itself seems undoubted.

Various variants of diabetic neuropathy differ in clinical presentation, pathogenesis, histological changes, course, response to treatment, and prognosis. Some neuropathies develop slowly. They are latent, others are acute. Different variants of neuropathy are often combined with each other.

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Symmetrical distal sensory polyneuropathy. The most common form of diabetic neuropathy, predominantly affecting the axons of thin unmyelinated or low myelinated sensory and autonomic fibers. This type of neuropathy usually reflects the duration and severity of ascorbic acid online, but is sometimes the first manifestation of latent diabetes or is detected in mild disease.

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  • With a predominant lesion of thin fibers, disturbances in pain and temperature sensitivity are most characteristic. Polyneuropathy usually begins insidiously, sometimes asymmetrically, and progresses slowly, always becoming symmetrical over time.

    - P.C. from Pottsville, PA

  • The clinical picture is dominated by sensory disturbances. numbness, burning, pain and dysesthesia in the feet. Pain may increase at night, they often subside after walking, which distinguishes them from pain in the defeat of peripheral vessels. Paresthesias are characterized by a feeling of cold, tingling, burning.

    - J.C. from Duschore, PA

  • The skin becomes extremely painful. Sometimes the patient cannot bear the touch of linen. Gradually, sensory disturbances spread from the distal to the proximal legs (reflecting the ongoing process of retrograde axonal degeneration starting from the longest axons). The hands are usually involved only after the sensory disturbances have reached the level of the knees.

    -S.S. from Tremont, PA

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Motor and sensory disturbances on the hands are always less pronounced than on the legs. On examination, there is a decrease in pain and tactile sensitivity by the type of socks and gloves, a decrease or loss of tendon reflexes, first Achilles, then knee. But if the polyneuropathy involves only small fibers, tendon reflexes may remain intact for a long time, despite severe sensory disturbances. In severe cases, sensory disturbances involve the anterior chest and abdomen.
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